1. Robes of Purple and Gold
from DEMO by Broken Trinity

Constantine adorner of
robes of purple and gold he loved
Your legacy was based on fears
Tainted the faithful for hundreds of years
Juxtaposed between ideologies
A conundrum of complexities

Crowned our land, before its time
Nails or thorns, there's no peace in sight

Why wait until your
deathbed for your conversional baptism

What is history
Trying to convey
to the masses
about your deeds

Trapped in Obscurity
Things historians didn't want the lowly to know

(doom part)

The power of the church
Exerting efforts to hide your deeds
Unholy trinity Divined
from Paganistic rites

Tide and tithing to no one
Ruling an empire you thought you had won
tales of corruption and deceit has begun
Leaving the faithless praying to the SUN

from DEMO, released June 4, 2019

all rights reserved

2. Culled by Odin's Hand
from DEMO by Broken Trinity

In the mist I see them...
Trampling across the battlefield
Wherein now I lay in wait
Time to strike I shall not yield
When the sun strikes rays on
Snow covered trees branches rattle

Oh, the time is right for battle

Thunderous hoofs charge, now I must go
Utterance of a litany for Odin's grace

Heavy weighted sword I clutch to thee this day
Shield emblazoned carved with runes we pray
Offering a glorious death to my enemies
Winnowed last words drifting on the breeze

No time to mourn, or say goodbye
Or praise your prowess to my gods up high!

(Doom Part)

He watches... He whispers...
His ravens fly
I've fallen... I can't move...
Gray will fill this void of light
Blood is mine... This last gasp
Am I going home?

Odin... I call for thee.
Please take me... home!!!
Please take me home...

Valhalla The golden halls await
By Odin's might won't you set me free...

have I not proven myself in war?
Heimdall open up the gate for me!!
Where have I gone wrong? Have I failed?
Why am I not feasting with the gods?

Wherein I dwell, now my grace is gone.
Memories of the battle slain, now I am

From the mists I see the gathering storm
Ragnarok is coming now I must make haste

from DEMO, track released June 5, 2019
all rights reserved

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